The Choice to Foster

Dear Family and Friends,

I am excited to announce to you my plans to open my home and heart to foster children. North Carolina has nearly 11,000 children in foster care! In the county I live, there are nearly 300 children in foster care, making it one of the counties with the highest percentage of children in foster care. These numbers are staggering and difficult for me to ignore.

The call to be a foster mom has been a long time coming. In middle school, God put the calling of foster/adoptive care on my heart. Since that calling was placed on my life, God has been preparing me for the day that is to come. In my mind, I always assumed that this calling would be fulfilled once I got married. As a woman who is not yet married, it was quite a surprise when God told me that now was the time. God’s timing is not our timing. While I have some uncertainties and fears, I can be certain God is already equipping me for the call He has put on my life.

This preparation process will include 35 hours of training, interviews, paperwork, home studies, and lots of prayers! Right now, I am at the beginning stages of training. I will be licensed through the Bair Foundation, a Christian, therapeutic foster care agency. Many of the children who are in their care have experienced abuse, neglect, or trauma. The agency’s goal is to equip foster parents to care for the safety and well-being of these children. Once I am licensed, I will be able to provide care for children aged birth to age 16. At this point, I am considering providing care to elementary-aged children. 

There are a few unique challenges that come with foster care. First of all, the child is taken from their home and sent to a stranger’s home with few things of their own. The child may have to leave their home in a hurry and leave behind favorite toys, clothes, etc. This causes a lot of confusion and fear for the child. The foster family serves as a safe and loving temporary home while the home situation becomes more stable or an alternate home is arranged. Reunification with the birth family is the goal for some children’s situations, but not all. The foster parent will often not know how long the child will stay in her home.

Why foster care? Throughout the Bible, I see God instructing believers to care for the orphans. I see Him advocating justice for the marginalized. In multiple sections of the Bible, I see Jesus taking the time to speak to the children and meet them with open arms. I have been blessed with much. With much love comes much need to express it. With open arms and a heart open to God’s help, I accept this charge.

There are a few tangible ways you can support me as I begin this journey to becoming a foster parent. The most important thing you can do is pray:
·       For peace for the child who will be removed from their family.
·       For adjustment for the child who will need to get acquainted with a new normal.
·       For the biological family that will need support and encouragement as they work to make positive changes.
·       For the treatment team who will be assigned to the child and me.
·       For the judge who will need discernment as he/she listens to the evidence and makes a decision that will impact the futures of many.
·       For the Bair Foundation, as they strive to continue to prioritize the safety and well being of the children.
·       For God’s presence through the process as He makes me the mom this child needs.

As with any future parent, I am eager to share my journey and answer any questions you may have. Along the way, there will be much to do to prepare for a future child. Words of support will encourage me to persevere. It takes a village to raise a child and I welcome you to join my tribe with open arms.

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  1. This is beautiful. I am so excited to see what happens throughout your journey. You'll be in my prayers Price. :)


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