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When A Good Man Doesn't Come

I was the girl who, as a teenager, wrote list of ideas of what a “good guy” would look like and act like. This list of ideals and non-negotiables has developed over the years, but nonetheless continued. I had this idea that by attending a Christian college, I’d find a “good Christian guy”. As graduation approached and I was still single, I started to buy into the idea that no good men exist. All around me, I heard some people tell me, “Your standards are too high. No one can meet those standards. You may need to reevaluate.” When I listened to other friends, they told me to hold tight to my standards and refuse to settle. As the former voices became louder, I started to mentally erase standards from the list that I didn’t believe could be found in men these days. I allowed myself to be influenced by the idea that no good men exist, anymore.
Here is why it is dangerous to listen to the voices telling us no good men exist:
1.)We will begin to feel hopeless of the possibility of a Godly…
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